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PSA Oxygen Generator

  • PSA Oxygen Generator 100Nm3/h
PSA Oxygen Generator 100Nm3/h

PSA Oxygen Generator 100Nm3/h

Technical Index

Compressed Air Pressure 0.7-1.3MPa(7Bar-13Bar)

Oxygen Capacity  100Nm3/h

Oxygen Purity 93%±2%

Outlet Pressure: 0.5Mpa or per requirement

Dew Point  ≤-40℃

Electrical Power :380V/3P/50HZ or Customized

PSA( Pressure Swing Adsorption) is an advanced gas separation technology, based on the physical adsorption of the internal surface in the adsorbent to gas molecules, separating the gas by the characteristics of absorbing to the quantity of different gas in general pressure. The Molecular Sieve is a sorbent picked up from the air, used in separating Oxygen and Nitrogen molecular. The absorption quantity of CMS is greatly higher for Oxygen than Nitrogen under the same pressure.

Technology FlowIntroduction

The flow of producing oxygen gas is composed mainly of four steps:

v  Air compressor provides compressed air with certain pressure;

v  Air purification system purifies compressed air by removing the dust, oil and water;

v  Oxygen and oxygen separation system produce qualified oxygen gas with PSA technology;

v  Oxygen buffer system provides a stable source for follow-up equipment by the storage of oxygen gas.


Low Operating cost; Automatic operation; Produces oxygen from compressed air; easy to install and maintain.

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