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PSA Nitrogen Generator

  •  1000m3/h Nitrogen Making Machine
 1000m3/h Nitrogen Making Machine

1000m3/h Nitrogen Making Machine

PSA Nitrogen Generator Specification:

Nitrogen Capacity:  1-5000Nm3/h

Nitrogen Purity:  95%-99.9995%

Application:  Metallurgy, Oil & Gas, Electronic Industry, Chemicals and Petro-chemicals, Coal-mine, Pharmacy, SMT, Fire-resistance, Lab, Air Driving, Food storing and packing, and so on.

Product Features

1.     All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic Nitrogen demand adjustment.

2.     The lifetime is long and it’s easy to replace and maintain for the compressor air purification components.

3.     The output flow of exit is large and the pressure of exit can adjust in the setting range.

4.     Low investment and energy consumption

5.     Simple operation and maintenance.

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